Everyone wants to preserve their family memories and stories so that they can show them to their children and grand children. There are times kids do not get to see their grandchildren at all, getting to listen to their stories is a different thing all together. It is very important to make a memory of your parents by interviewing them and getting to know about their history and how they grew up. As the generations pass, the lifestyle of people changes, it becomes really difficult for the younger generations to imagine how the life of their ancestors would have been. When you make a video of your parents and preserve it, then they can express about their childhood and talk about interesting stories of their times. This way, you will know about your family history and have stories to tell about when you grow up.

This is also helpful in situations when family tree is to be traced. Till the time your parents are alive, they tell you all about your immediate as well as distant relatives. For example, you are making a guest list of people you want to call for a celebration, but you know none of your relatives except for the aunt who visits you every month. Your parents will give you the complete list. But, what if they are no more there to guide you, or they are in the stage of life where their memory has given up? In such a situation, how convenient it would be to simply go to the free family tree you had made with the help of your parents and invite the relatives who would be glad to be a part of your happiness.

You can make this family tree for kids so that they can see the video whenever they want to feel connected to their grandparents. In case the kids had seen their grand parents or great grand parents when they were very small, they would want to see how they looked like, how their body language was etc. The family history video in such a situation will be the best thing to feel connected with their ancestors again. This would indeed be the best gift for your parents as well as your children and generations to come. There are several companies which help you make such videos and edit it so that it looks perfect. Its My Life is one such company which helps you do the same.

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