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‘Audio books’, also known as ‘Talking books’ can breath life into your story.

Especially when recorded with a professional narrator who brings emotion and drama to your story so the listener feels like they are actually there.

Imagine the happiness you could bring to your family by leaving the story of your life as an Audio book.


How many times do we hear people say “the movie was not as good as the book?” Well an Audio book is another level again because it is the whole book unabridged but with the addition of emotion through narration.

Audiobooks are also a great antidote to the problem of not having enough time to read and most people find they can multitask while listening.

If you are too tired, sore or straining eyes, then an audiobook allows you to relax and escape into the story being told.


How great to be able to absorb an entire book while you’re driving, exercising, gardening, knitting or just curled up on the couch or bed, even better when the story is so personal.

Could you imagine how incredible it would be to listen to the personal stories from the battlefront from your own family or simply hear about what was life was like growing up and living in simpler times.

Well now you have the opportunity to provide this amazing and intimate family legacy to your family,

We make the process simple and enjoyable with the result being a professional recording that will keep your story alive for generations.

Professionally recorded in our sound studio then edited to ensure the result is a clean and easy to listen to recording that is supplied to you in numerous formats to ‘future proof’ your story with copyright being provided to you so you can copy and share as many times as you like.

Professional narration or your voice? Most people are not comfortable in front of a microphone and unless you are a professional, the recording usually suffers with nerves not only heard but also being felt. What we recommend is to have your story professionally narrated and to include and introduction or closing statement by you ‘the author’, this ensures that we can create all the emotion for the main story but still remain very personal with your statement.

And unless you are a professional the price is normally less to use a narrator because the recording requires less editing.