Today most of us are only concerned with what we do and how we live our lives. In fact the families have become so far apart that one might not even know the members of his or her whole family. It is ridiculous and a waste of time and energy asking one to recall ones ancestry or family tree in modern contemporary world. Ones knowledge about their family is limited only to those around them or with those who one has contact with. Thus, in this way the family history of a person is getting lost somewhere in time. In fact, situation is such that the children after our generations would probably not even want to know about their family history.

Hence, it is important to keep a track of one’s family history and ancestry. One must not forget we are who we are because of our past. That is precisely why one must try and recall their ancestry to the greatest extent possible. In fact this is often done by trying to create a family tree. This work is no less important than any other work in one’s life. It is the path which leads to the discovery of our roots. Hence one must try to recall as much of information as is possible before all information is permanently lost and we have no clue of our past.

Another possible way of remembering one’s family history is to take interviews of parents and grandparents who have witnessed more than one generation of people around them and would be able to recall important facts about each generation. In fact if possible it is best to tape such interviews and diary inputs as well. These serve to be important stories of the past and should be dealt with carefully. One story gives a lot of information including many implied meanings. It is also interesting to trace back an era without modernization and the influence of modern technical advancements.

With so many positivity’s to the fact that one must trace back their ancestry it is time that you too start tracing back your generations. The people, their work, their way of living, their likes and dislikes have come far from generation to generation. This information is valuable and golden and must never be allowed to lose itself in time and space. In fact with true knowledge of the past can one lead a better future and it is correctly said so with reference to knowing one’s family history.