With lots of websites, genealogy charts, databases, computer programs and subscription services, it can be quite a daunting task to know where and how to begin your genealogy search. Many important sites online are available which will be able to provide you with the birth, marriage and death records. You can also fill in the gaps with the help of military records, census records, county records and cemeteries. But can you initiate your family history search?

You can follow these tips to start on your family’s history search:

  • Gather what you have: Before going full throttle with the mass of information available, it is advised that you collect and organize all of the information which you have with the help of wills, birth and marriage certificates, burial records, maiden names and baptismal certificates.
  • Contact your present relatives: In order to start your family history search, it is worthwhile to contact your relatives and ask for any documents or helpful information which they may be having.

If you wish to get hold of marriage records, birth certificates and death certificates, it is necessary for you to know your mother’s Maiden name. If this information is not available with you, you can you ask your relatives. Here is a list of some documents that may be useful to your research:

  • Journals or diaries
  • Birth, death or marriage records
  • Family photo albums or bibles
  • Start the search: In order to initiate your family history search, it will be possible for you to locate the information online with the help of many different websites. You will be able to come across family history websites and genealogical websites which are dedicated to family history. It may also be an excellent idea to look at websites that offer public record information online for a nominal fee.

Records that may be available online:

  • Military records
  • Census records
  • Wills and deeds
  • Hospital records
  • Emigration and immigration records

When initiating your family history searches in the library or online, it is important to know the full name of any of your deceased relatives and also the state and the county where they were buried. You should not be afraid to ask for help from your relatives or from your local librarian. If at any point of time you get stuck on an aspect of your search, you can also resort to the internet as many different types of discussion groups online are available that focus on genealogy.