In the age of technology and the internet, you can easily make your family history with the help of videos and pass it on to your family’s future generations. In this way you will no longer have to rely on your family life story through personal memory, photographs, and possibly, well preserved written documents.

Technology has enabled you to make family history videos in a professionally made family documentary. A family history in a video form will be aptly able to tell of one’s life story, with the help of a produced documentary. In this way it can be the greatest gift given; either for an anniversary event or even as a video will.

These are the days where photographs, family videos and written documents can be preserved on silicon – practically unmoved with the effects of time such as the weather and dust. It is only sensible to take maximum benefit of this high-tech age and preserve your family history and even their personal history in a manner so that your future generations will be able to look at it in lifelike quality; by witnessing their nuances and actions and hearing the voice of their loved one’s telling stories and that too all in a video.

When you make family history videos, it is able to weave a filmed interview with documents, photographs and maps. It is a medium which is able to bring stories to life and at the same time it is able to preserve the family history, wisdom and values in a mesmerizing 45 minute movie.

How to make a family history video? In order to make family history videos, you will require details of your family history, your video camera and also a voice recorder.

You can begin by making an outline of what you want your family video history to tell. You may want it to tell the story of a particular person in your family. It will therefore be essential for you to gather all the information about that person. These details can even include those people who were close to him so that you are able to learn all the events that shaped that person’s life that made them so compelling.

No you are ready to start filming. It is better that you get organized as in this way at the end everything will be in chronological order. While you go about filming your family history video, it is necessary for you to ensure that you are able to capture your voice very clearly as this will be the place where your narrative will be coming from.

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