Think back and imagine for a moment, the memories of your childhood, growing up with your family, with your parents, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends next door. The home that you lived in, it seemed so big then, the backyard games you played, helping Mum in the kitchen or Dad in the garden, those Christmas gatherings when the whole family reunites.

Remember those memories as a child walking to school, an oversized bag draped on your shoulder, memories of teachers, the ones you liked and perhaps those you didn’t. Impatiently waiting for the lunch break so you could play with your friends in the quadrangle or on the school oval.

Remember when you reached your teens, the experiences you had during that time of your life. The first girl or boyfriend and the butterflies in your tummy that you had when you saw them and that first kiss! Getting your first job after school as a paper boy or working in the local milk bar after school, joining the guides or scouts or the local netball or footy team. So many things that you did.

It was only yesterday that you bought your first car, no credit cards back then.

Your first home and the mortgage that you thought you would never pay off.

If you sit, relax and ponder over your time so far, the highlights and experiences of your life, you do start to see flashbacks, one small prompting memory becoming a story of your past once again, they are countless. Springing from the back of your mind they become real again… so many wonderful thoughts, you will ask yourself “where have they been, I forgot about those”. You will embrace them even more than when they occurred.

Your memories may seem small, perhaps insignificant to you but they have shaped and helped guide your life. Be assured however, that these recollections of your life will be held with affection by your loved ones, not forgotten, but indeed become memories for them, links to your past that will allow them to know more of you.

“This is My Life” has a unique way of collecting, storing and telling your life’s fond memories, stories, and experiences in a way that will be cherished by your children and grandchildren forever that will become your legacy.

Don’t leave your photo’s lying in fading albums and shoe boxes, can you imagine presenting your life’s story in a single archival volume with all your images restored with titles and mounted inside is your movie ready to watch in stunning High Definition.

Your family legacy video and album allows others to know your family history.

We give you the ability to tell your story in your own words.

Your story ~ Your legacy